Offer: Get an International Will for €165

Dealing with an estate in one country is hard enough, but dealing with someone’s assets in more than one country presents a wide range of problems that need to be surmounted, not least the need to overcome different regulations in different jurisdictions. Probate can take years to sort out in these situations, potentially leaving your family without the assets you had intended for a long time.

But if you have assets in more than one place, then you can use an international will to ensure your wishes are met, and your estate is distributed according to your intentions, not how the country your assets reside in see fit. For example, if you have a will in the UK, it may not automatically apply in Spain and vice versa. But an international will covers your assets in a variety of territories, so there is no conflict for your executors to deal with when you are no longer here.

No-one wants to leave a legacy that involves red tape and complicated form filling, especially when there is a language barrier.

So enter your details in the form on the right if you want to get more information on our International Will offer for €165* + VAT.

*Please note, this is for a basic single will and if you require additional services, such as the use of trusts, a mirror will etc, there will be an additional charge.

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